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Say Hello to Porthos and Eris, official mascots of the Maryland Defenders.

They are brother and sister and both rescued as puppies at Sanctuary. They are now eight and seven years old (respectively) and have grown into beautiful healthy happy dogs. Porthos and Eris are permanent residents at Sanctuary, along with several other lucky critters who will live out their lives here.

These two went through a lot to get this far. From their mother's neglect and ultimate abandonment to a parade of health problems, Porthos and Eris share an epic story of survival that every pet lover should read. We call them mascots, but they are the real heroes.

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Say hello to Adrian and Cain. Adrian is 3 years old and Cain is 9 years old. They both live with Monte and Annie at Sanctuary South Annex

 Adrian came to us via Waldorf where a young Air Force NCO was about to serve her second tour in Iraq. Her family wouldn't care for Adrian because they said Adrian, a Black Lab mix, was too high strung and would not listen to anything they said. She was forced to give her up. Lucky for us, she came into our lives.

 Cain was found at the PG County Animal Shelter, where his owner was forced to let him go when she was being moved to an assisted living center. She got Cain when he was a puppy, so you can only imagine how hard that had to be for her. After being there for a little over a month, we found him. He had become the sweetheart of the shelter, loved by all.

 When I picked him up, the whole staff was so happy for him. Later that evening, I got a call from the woman who owned Cain. She thanked me over and over for giving him a new how. I have to admit, that conversation with her made me cry a wee bit! Already these to are getting along great and everyone here is one BIG happy family!

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