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Be your own Hero

Mission statement -


Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth:-
Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,
winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers,
plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.

Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with RESPECT.





Spread awareness and education of animal rights, environmental conservation, and responsible pet ownership.


Membership –


Membership is open to all interested parties, providing the following conditions are met:


A)   all members must have a hero character, presentable to the public, as outlined in the official charter of The Skiffytown League of Heroes, which states:


           As a practical matter, eligibility of The Skiffytown League of Heroes requires a character to have:

3.1.1.     Motivation - We expect members to have a desire to improve their characters, and to work together to accomplish the Skiffytown League of Heroes’ goals. While we do not require attendance for Skiffytown League of Heroes events, we do expect members to make a good faith effort to help accomplish the work that is required to make the Skiffytown League of Heroes successful.

3.1.2.     Intelligence - Members must be capable of making decisions intelligently and rationally. In points of debate, we expect members to be able to properly support their arguments with logic and reasoning, character counts.

3.1.3.     Competency - We are an achievement oriented organization. To this end, we desire only members that strive to portray their characters with enthusiasm, skill and discipline. All members are expected to do what is necessary to improve their skills and strategy and be the best team member they can be.

3.1.4.     Courtesy - We are the Skiffytown League of Heroes, polite and mature individuals that endeavor to create a comfortable environment for everyone. Profane or explicit language will not be tolerated.

3.1.5.     Honesty - We expect our members to abide by standards of decency and fair play. This means no cheating, hacking, scamming or stealing. Act in a way that shows your good character and reflects positively on the Skiffytown League of Heroes.



       3.1.6.     Naming Policy - We expect all members to have names that are original or appropriate to the character portrayed. We will likely not grant membership to anybody with a name that:    Is a recognizable name or variation of a name from popular novels, movies, or stories.    Is intentionally unpronounceable (adding 'x' to each end of a word does not make a good name).

3.1.7.     Is perceived by the Senior Staff as being inappropriate for use in a family-friendly environment


B)   Any minor (defined as any person under the age of eighteen years) must have written permission from a parent/guardian submitted at the time of application.


C)   Membership shall not be denied on account of race, color, creed, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, condition of birth or national origin.


D)   Members are not required to reside in the state of Maryland.


E)   Members are not required to own a pet or livestock.


F)    Members are not required to be a member of the Skiffytown League of Heroes.


G)   Any current affiliation with any organization that engages in acts of violence and/or domestic/foreign terorism will automatically disqualify any applicant from membership in the Maryland Defenders.


Application Process –


A)   Interested parties will apply in writing by electronic mail


B)   The offical website of the Maryland Defenders will provide an essay question, to which the applicant will respond with a written essay of 250 words or less.


C)   The essay question will address the following:


1)    the reason the applicant wishes to join.

2)    Any charitible work and/or organizations with which the applicant has previously been involved.

3)    Previous involvement with a radical organization will not be held against the applicant. Only current associations will be considered in this mattter.

D)   Senior staff will review all applications.

E)   An interview stage may follow the written application, consisting of one or more of the following methods:

1)    video conference, at no expense to the applicant

2)    Instant message or internet chat

3)    In person, when feasible for the applicant to travel to a central location.

4)    In the case of a minor, parent or gaurdian must be present at the time of interview.

5)    All minors will be interviewed either in person or by video conference only.



Membership –


A)   all members will be required to serve a 60 day probationary period, during which time they will be required to do the following:

1)    Reach out to a local charity/rescue organization and volunteer to assist them in whatever way is feasible.

2)    File a “mission report” at the Maryland Defenders offical website.

2A) a mission report is defined as the following: a public posting on the offical Maryland Defenders forum detailing any charitble work, etc that the applicant/member has performed.

3)    The above described must be completed within the 60 day probationary period.

4)    If the applicant is unable to complete the above within the 60 day period, the applicant must notify the senior staff.

5)    The applicant may apply for a one time extension of 30 days to complete the above described.

6)    If the applicant does not complete the above described within the 60 day period, or the 30 day extension, their application will be rejected.

7)    If the applicant is rejected based on the failure to complete the above described, the applicant is allowed to re-apply at a later date.

8)    If the applicant is unable to complete the above described and notifys the senior staff at the time of application, the application will be held as “dormant” for a period of up to one year, defined as twelve months from the time of application. After that, if applicant does not follow up with one year, the application will be rejected.

9)    If the applicant is rejected for the above described, the applicant is allowed to re-apply at a later date.


Active members –


A)   active members, once approved and having completed their probationary requirements, can expect the following:

1)    all active members will receive a patch designating them as members of the Maryland Defenders

2)    All active members will be informed of any and all official events relating to the Maryland Defenders and the Skiffytown League of Heroes.

3)    All active members will be encouraged, but not required, to attend these events.

4)    All active members will be required to serve a minimum of 20 hours community service per year, marked as 12 months beginning from the date the member becomes active.

5)    This community service may be served in whatever capacity the member sees fit.

6)    All active members must file mission reports on their community service so their hours can be accounted.

7)    Senior staff will be responsible for the accounting of community service hours.

8)    It is advised that all members keep account of their community service hours.


Code of conduct –


A)   All members of the Maryland Defenders will be required to adhere to the Skiffytown League of Heroes code of conduct, which states:


      3.2.2.     While in uniform and representing The League publicly:    No smoking, no consumption of alcohol, no taking controlled illicit or otherwise illegal substances.    No use of foul, abusive, overly suggestive, or inappropriate language in consideration of a family-friendly environment.    Physical contact with fellow members and the public at large should be positive and in keeping with a family-friendly environment.  No inappropriate contact, real or perceived, should take place within public view.    It is understood that, in some instances, patrons attending an event, or the general public, may become verbally or physically abusive.  It is the responsibility of a League Members to avoid confrontation if at all possible.  Violent contact with other members or the general public is strictly prohibited.  League Members are expected to notify and work with local police or security personnel to deal with abusive patrons or individuals.



A)  Motions for disciplinary action against any member may be brought by any member of the Maryland Defenders.

B)      In the event of such an accusation, Senior Staff shall convene a board of inquiry.

C) A two-thirds vote by the Senior Staff shall be necessary to expel a member

D) Members can be expelled, with no possibility of reinstatement, on the following grounds:


1)    misrepresentation of the Maryland Defenders or the Skiffytown League of Heroes for any reason, including but not limited to: political protest, personal and/or financial gain, any act of violence and/or terrorism.

2)    Conduct unbecoming a member as outlined in the Code of Conduct on more than three separate occasions during a calendar year and as witnessed by at least three active members.

3)    Review of conviction for any crime above a misdemeanor.